Gregory Suelzle MD, Pain Management
1330 San Bernardino Road, Suite B, Upland, CA 91786

Dr. Suelzle is board certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology by the American Academy of Anesthesiology. Dr. Suelzle specializes in diagnosing the cause and treating pain without surgery.  This can be achieved by using an X-ray machine to place a small amount of pain medication at the area that is causing the pain.  This pain medication can decrease the inflammation or stimulate healing at the painful tissues.

Dr. Suelzle Specializes in Treating:

Post Herpetic or Shingles pain
Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain After Surgery
Insomnia due to pain
Anxiety due to pain
Pain after Traffic Accidents
Industrial Injuries
Workers Compensation Cases
Neck pain
Knee pain
Arm pain
Leg pain
Foot pain
Pelvic pain
Groin pain
Facial pain
Nutritional Deficiencies that cause pain and fatigue

Dr. Suelzle can treat your pain with:

Pain relieving shingles injections that can be performed immediately at the onset of pain.
Lumbar facet Injections with X-ray guidance to treat, low back, hip, thigh and knee pain.
Morphine type Pain Medications to treat all kinds of chronic pain.
Non-narcotic pain medications to treat all kinds of chronic pain.
Pain Patches
Topical pain medications
Nerve blocks
Lumbar Epidural steroid injections to treat leg, back and foot pain.
Cervical Epidural steroid injections to treat headaches, hand, arm and shoulder pain
Trigger point injections
Stellate Ganglion Blocks
Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks

We accept the following insurance companies:

Regal HMO and PPO Plans
Tricare, Medicare, Aetna, Healthnet, Cigna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and cash discounts for patient's without insurance.

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Gregory Suelzle MD
1330 San Bernardino Road, Suite B
Upland, CA 91786

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