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Common Treatments:
Prolotherapy: Dextrose and Local anesthetic is placed at painful ligament to stimulate increased blood flow to heal painful tissues.
Spinal Decompression:  A small amount of pain medication is placed at the spine using C-arm Fluoroscopy (an instant X-ray), to decrease swelling and to improve blood flow to the painful nerves.  The pain can go away at the first treatment.  This is also known as an Epidural injection.  This can only be provided by a licensed Medical Physician.
Lumbar Facet injectionsThe low back joints are injected using X-ray to decrease inflammation at the joints and diagnose and treat the pain.
Lumbar Facet Radiofrequency: The nerves to the lumbar facets are blocked using a small needle to decrease the low back pain for 6 to 12 months.
Caudal Epidural Steroid injection: After numbing the skin, X-ray is used to place a small needle at the tail bone to place steroid to Decompress the spine and improved oxygen flow to the painful nerves.  This injection is safer and can even work well in patient's with continued pain after prior low back surgery.
Sarapin: A natural pain reliever that is extracted from the Pitcher plant, that can be mixed with local anesthetic to relief pain.  This can be used with or instead of steroid to treat pain.
Cervical epidural:  A small amount of pain medication is placed at the neck using an X-ray machine, to decompress the spine and improve oxygen supply to the painful nerves.  This can treat treat shoulder, headaches, arm, hand and neck pain.  This can treat numbness and weakness in the hands or arms. 
Knee Prolotherapy: After the skin is numbed a pain medication can be placed at the knee to stimulate strengthening of the ligaments in the knee to heal the knee joint.
Trigger Point injection:  Steroid or Prolotherapy can directed at localized areas of pain that the patient or doctor has found on physical examination.
Lumbar Discography:
After the skin is numbed a needle is placed using X-ray into lumbar discs to determine if the patient's discs are causing pain.  This is very important to perform prior to a lumbar fusion surgery to make sure the right surgery will be done at the right location to decrease the patient's pain.
Nerve Block: Most painful nerves can be blocked and treated by placing a small amount of numbing medication, Sarapin and steroid to calm the nerve, which can yield many months of pain relief.  In some cases the pain can go away completely after a nerve block.
Also known as Prednisone, can cause weight gain and swelling of the face if taken by mouth to treat pain.  They can also causes osteoporosis, ulcers and bruising on the skin it taken for more than a week in pill form.  If a very small amount is placed by Dr. Suelzle at the just painful nerve, instead of dosing the entire body,  the patient's pain can resolve, without these side toxic side effects. 
A pinched nerve in the back that causes pain to travel from the back or hip to the entire leg and foot.  This can be treated with by placing a small amount of pain medication at the root of the nerve to decrease the swelling at the nerve, and allow the nerve to heal by increasing the flow of oxygen.

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